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Episode 5 – Approaching Women

People always ask questions about dating. Specifically about how to talk to women, and I’m shocked at how many men don’t know how to hold a simple conversation with a woman.

I’m shocked at how scary some of these men are when it comes to approaching a woman. You can’t even have a conversation with one, if you’re too chicken shit to approach her.

Now I just want to talk to the fellas this episode. Ladies you can listen. I’m going to begin this thing with a broad stroke:

“Talking to women is no different that talking to your boys, except for the content and purpose.” Let’s break that down now.

You’re in a bar, you’re by yourself or with a couple friends, it really doesn’t matter. I’m just trying to clear a path. So you see a nice little something across the way from you, and in your brain, you’ve already decided you’d give her the job. Nah, you want to give her that job.

If you could, you do it right now. Fellas, you know what the hell I’m talking about. I mean you’d go there with her. THAT NIGHT!

But for some damn reason some of you are too scared, nervous, shy, insecure, not drunk enough, whatever to go introduce yourself to her. Whether she’s by herself or with friends, doesn’t matter one bit.

But if she’s there with a seeing eye dog, then you’d be better off closing your tab going home, breaking out the chicken grease and think about Leslie Jones’ legs for a couple minutes.  If you like Leslie Jones. I’m just saying. I’m qualified to make that suggestion, so please don’t send me no emails asking for recommendations.

You gotta support your own habit. Speaking of which, I should probably delete my google history..Donald Trump is in office, and I just don’t feel my browsing history is safe anymore…I said that out loud didn’t I. SHIT!

Season 1: Episode 5


Episode 6 – Walk Away

So I heard this story about a woman who wanted her man to fight other men for her. She believed that if her man didn’t fight for her, literally fisticuffs, then he didn’t love her.

You know, that is the most foolish thing I think I have ever heard. If some guy in the bar is making passes at my woman, I will ignore it and see how she handles herself. Most of the time when guys do this, it’s when they’re liquored up and don’t really know any boundaries. So part of the situation is assessing the threat level, no matter how big or small that drunk dude is.

Not every altercation is won physically, sometimes the altercation is won with brains, and understanding that a few words could change some lives or they can de-escalate the situation.

In any case, here’s an example. You and your girl are out and about, and again, some cocky dude walks up interfering with your date. Your girl might feel disrespected and look to you to straighten this guy.

She’s probably looking for a boost to her ego or some shit. So you and this guy get into it.

First of all, you don’t know what this guy knows, and vice versa. So if we run with these variables, somebody might take a loss and end up in the hospital, and now one of you has a legal battle. You’re both hurt and damaged, but whats the condition of the girl? Oh, well shit, she’s fine. She don’t have any bruises, broken bones, bloody face, she’s not facing legal problems either. Not even an overnight stay downtown. It just cant look good. And why? Because your girl wanted you to fight for her honor. If you got your ass handed to you, would she respect you more or less than if you had just taken the high road and took the evening somewhere else?…..

Season 1: Episode 6

Episode 13 – Father’s Daughter

So check this out, I was reading an email from a parent whose daughter came home from college one day and told him he’s a male oppressor. Apparently the daughter is taking gender studies. So the father wants to know if he should stop paying her college tuition. I’m going to venture out on a limb and say he got mad at her without first asking her to explain why she feels this way.

I mean I get his first inclination, but this is his daughter either way and the fact that he’s paying her college tuition means he cares about her, he loves her, and he’s fully invested in her life. My question is, what career is she going to lock down with the indoctrination she’ll acquire? If that were my daughter I’d feel she’s being rude, disrespectful and in a very short time-extremely obnoxious. Oh and let me add “ungrateful”.

Now, I’m thinking maybe she should get a humbling job and then maybe, just maybe, she’ll rethink her degree path and get serious

But on the flipside, even though she’s acting an ass, it might not be practical to punish her by terming her tuition. She’s coming into a whole new world-kind of like Aladdin.  I told him maybe he shouldn’t get upset at her, rather, try not to just because she walked in the door with some bullshit perspective she just picked up at some institution. I mean isn’t she thankful that he brought this far?