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Episode 18 – Gentlemen

Gentlemen gentlemen gentlemen..what’s going on fellas.

Relationships are a serious thing right? I mean two people mutually love each other. They grow and nurture their dynamic. They hit milestones, they make room for each other. They may come from vastly different backgrounds, which on one hand might make things difficult but ultimately they make the effort to strengthen what they feel for each other.

Let’s say you and a girl have been in a relationship with each other for at least a solid year. What the hell lets make it five years for impact. Then one day, she calls or texts, comes over, or you go over to her place, or any number of variations, hell, how about the two of live together…and she tells you that she just doesn’t want to be in that relationship anymore. What do you do? What do you say?

Do you say screw it and let her go? Or do you pursue her like you just can’t stand the pain?

Let’s lay one thing out right now.. Remember I said, “then one day she calls…” So if we take that slice of information and understand that everything as far as you know was fine between the two of you up until then, then what we are looking at is a pretty basic change of heart, right?

My grandfather told me once, that to get over one girl, you must get under another one. Because the new girl will get that other off your mind. He was an ole school, whiskey drinkin’ deuce and a quarter driving, down home blues music kinda of dude. He rolled his own cigarettes. Kept his two dollar whiskey in the cuff of his jeans, and ate seasoned liver in one hand, half of a white onion in the other and between his legs was a loaf of white bread . Some of the most disgusting stuff ever.