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Episode 19 – Black men White women

I was doing some laundry this morning and while I was standing there waiting for the last two minutes of the wash cycle to finish, I was reading an article on black men and white women. One of the commenters at the bottom of article explained their point of view. Basically it read..because black men are tired of Black women.

That was the very first line.. LIKE DAMN, OKAY.

And then the commenter said black women have too much attitude, and too much pride. And then added, because they’re loud, ghetto, liars, manipulative, argumentative, spiteful, and just rude.

The commenter further says that even though she’s black, and while physically attracted to Black men, she finds herself attracted to White men on a deeper level– physically AND emotionally—which she says is a completely new territory for her.

For a black woman this certainly breaks stereotypes… It used to be that black women would never date anything but black men, as though it was a bad idea all the way around.

Next she says the men she’s met in her life who have made the greatest impression on her in the most positive way,  just happened to have been White.

And that there is my whole thing. Be with someone who means well and does well, as a person.

Do you believe that it was a black woman commenting?

This is huge. Let me tell you why. I’ve always dated white women. Never cared a damn drop what black women felt about it. Oh this is gonna be good… For the longest time, I got those choice looks from black women, and sometimes I could hear them talking as we walked by.

In fact, I was out at a shoe store with my son, he was all of one or two years old. He was knocked out in the stroller. Well while I was trying on shoes for the both of us, my son and I, a group of about five or six black women walked in. They saw me, and saw me with this stroller with this baby sleep inside of it. Then walk up, like they know me, looking all in the stroller, and one of them said the most stupidest shit. “Uh uh, girl ya’ll know that aint his baby. Dat baby too light skinned.” I almost cussed their asses out..but I kept my cool.

The take away from that was the fact that I was a brotha that stepped outside of my race. Let me say this…date whoever the hell you want to date