My first love was and still is music. The idea that a person can construct an entire song from imagination, with no real music theory training, is amazing. This is what some call a passion. But even earlier than this, was my constant ambition to write dozens upon dozens of songs without the beat. It came natural because I indulged in writing poetry. Eventually, I’d migrate from only writing songs and making beats, to writing ultra-short poetry, to stories of considerable length.

Between raising a family, running a business that started in 2016, and writing projects, I dabble in photography, working out, social media, learning different software, and watching Netflix or Hulu shows sometime.

Being an Arizona-native (Phoenix-area), if ever the opportunity to own a home anywhere else, Seattle, possibly Denver would gain another resident. The Phoenix summers are amazingly hot, but the period between October and mid-March is the best anyone can ask for in a region that technically shouldn’t even exist. But even with that said, there’s no one who loves Phoenix more than me.


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