Shes Impossible

Zoe will try to wear all her underwear in a single day. She’ll start off with one pair of underwear, and wear those for a few hours, or until she has to go pee. At that point, I guess the fact that she has to pull them down before sitting on the toilet is reason enough to just take the damn things off.  When she puts on a fresh pair, as if the previous pair weren’t, she’ll put on an additional pair, and then she’ll get pissed off because she can’t get into her jeans.

“Well take four or five pair of underwear off and you’ll be able to put your pants on!” I tell her. She really believes in the impossible and will try everything under the sun to get her way; which is to get into every article of clothing no matter the size. I’m not sure how this is going to translate to a good quality later on life if continues to be so stubborn.

When you think about it, it’s really like a grown person trying to put their grown ass foot into a kids shoe, or wearing baby socks. What if grown folks didn’t possess the logic or reason needed to accomplish or understand life’s daily processes?

So I watch Zoe go through her moments with her clothes, and sometimes I just want to get the camcorder and film everything. The problem is, the moment she’s on film, her demeanor changes. So instead I write about her instances of child-dom.

So after she’s given up the struggle with her clothes, and she’s finally decided on something, her room is a mess. Now she’s in another part of the house taking those clothes off, just to run around in ONLY her underwear. I just don’t get it.

I actually think she’s doing this shit on purpose, just to keep me busy doing anything BUT the shit that I’d rather be doing. I don’t ever remember the older two doing any of this, and if I’ve spoiled her, how do you spoil a child to have a fit over their clothes? You understand what I’m saying? You can’t spoil a child to be stubborn in this way. So this is why I think Zoe is her own cartoon. Lacking reason and understanding. She’s impossible to not love, and her stubbornness makes her a wreck, but what do ya do?

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