I called my mom one day to ask her how often she washes her hair. She said she washes it once or twice a week, but definitely on Sunday. The reason why I called her was because I realized Lexie has been washing her hair every day. So after talking to granny, I told Lexie not to wash her hair more than twice a week. I told her that granny [my mom] told me to make sure she wasn’t doing much more than that, as black/mixed hair produces its own oils. Now her mom thinks she should wash it every day because she washes hers every morning. Well I told Lexie that she and her mom have different types of hair, she can wash it five times a day.

So when she stopped washing it so much, it started looking much better, and responding to different black hair oils. One thing I don’t care for about her hair is doing it every Sunday. It just eats up so much of the day, and then to add to that, is the fact that Lexie doesn’t like to sit still for the duration, which is fine with me because I don’t like to stand up over her head for over an hour. I’m impressed at how hairdressers find the motivation to do hair all day.

I do Lexie’s hair because I want her to look presentable at school. She deserves to have her hair done, even though it’s tiresome.

One Sunday, she was in her bathroom trying to straighten her hair by herself, and I kept hearing her say “OUCH!” So I knock on the door to see what progress she’s made, and she’s totally crying because she can’t figure out the whole mirror thing, and-well- her hair was a mess.

I told her from that point, if she wants to do anything to her hair, just flat iron a small section near the front, or twist it. You see, I don’t know hair lingo. I’m only describing my experiences. Anyhow, I don’t know how she’s accumulated so many hair oil products. I did, and still do, advise her not to process her hair. It’ll be cost effective and she won’t have to stay on top of new growth.

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