Episode 16 – Not the Father

A woman writes, I love my husband, but our kids aren’t his, (wow, shouldn’t she be saying ‘my kids aren’t his). We’ve been married fifteen years, and the kids are eleven and twelve years old.

He’s not their father, and worst part of it all, he doesn’t know it. I married him early and realized I didn’t like domestication, and so I had sex with many other men. I love my man but if I tell him, I’m scared he’ll leave me and the kids emotionally and financially. Any suggestions? (well he should leave your ass. Lady, do you think this is a game? Do you think he’ll magically get those 12 years of his life back? Because you’re thinking about being honest now) I’m not saying he hasn’t enjoyed raising those kids, I’m sure he has. What I’m saying is, what the hell is your problem?

To all you ladies out there, do you know what a man’s worst nightmare is? It’s that shit right there.

There’s more though. Some years later she got DNA tests to confirm that those kids absolutely weren’t his.

Give me a second you guys…and pardon my language.. what a bitch. This is a perfect example of bad character. This is a perfect example of the few, ruining the bunch

Shame on this lady. She’s made a terrible choice, some horrible decisions, Oh, It’s going to shatter some beliefs. It’s going to shatter the foundation of what love and trust is to him.

It’s going to start a life-long quest to find out some truths. She’s earned herself the obligation to tell these kids the truth.  WHO IN THE HELL IS or ARE THEIR FATHERS?

She says she loves her husband. I’m certain this isn’t any of that. She admits to flinging everytime her husband leaves the house. I really try not to judge people, but this shit kills that effort. Oh My God!

This woman should know her husband will not be calm. He is not going to be cool with this shit. He will not hold her hand and say, “It’s okay, honey. You’re just human. It happens.”

He’s not going to do any of that.  She should expect nothing less than solid gold emotion. This here is such a life changer. If he leaves it does nothing useful. The kids have benefited from this lie, though it wasn’t their fault, she’s benefited, too… because she’s scared his finances won’t be available to her if he does.

You know, I just realized something. If he is the named father on the birth certificates then he’s obligated to pay her child support, even though she lied.

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