Episode 15 – Unique Meals

This guy said that the most unique meal that he ever had was his wife & daughter’s placenta. He went so far as to say it was…grilled… to perfection.

Gross. What’d he do soak it in Caribbean jerk chicken marinade overnight?

He said it tasted like grilled meat with creamy sauce.

What like an Alfredo sauce….Basil, Pesto?

Um, can I order the wife and daughter placenta combo with refried beans, baby carrots, and an apple juice. Sheesh..as if there isn’t already enough junk food every quarter mile in the country Please don’t tell me it tasted like smoked grilled chicken…I happen to like smoked grilled chicken

Some cultures, and many animals eat the placenta, and apparently its pretty common here. The hippies like to have it dried and made into pills that the new mother takes to regulate post-partum hormones.

Well this same guy said that he and his wife just put it in a plastic bag took it home and grilled it.

Hmm, I wonder what the aroma was like, and if there was a breeze in their HOA neighborhood.

Maybe add some Jack Daniels wood chips.

So he said that as he was grilling his human food. Literally spoken, and his neighbor walked by and asked what he was preparing. Said he’d never seen meat shaped like a whoopee cushion.

Yeah, what part of the animal is that..

Let’s see, he said he didn’t tell him but offered him a bite, but before the neighbor could eat it he knocked it out of his hand, saying he couldn’t let him do it.

Yeah, what was he thinking, he cant let another man taste his wife..this man is possessive…

At any rate, the husband said he and his wife didn’t eat the whole thing, just a few bites.

Well that type of dining is not for me.  But I did watch a youtube video, and I gotta tell you, throughout the whole video, my eyes were bulging and poking out of head. It was a spectacle.

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