Episode 12 – Interested

You know, you’d think that in this day and time-with all the available technology-men and women would and should be able to communicate a little better. This episode is intended for the Millenial women, but is a unisex discussion, it applies to men as well because this issue I’m going to talk about isn’t just about women, its just who I’m talking about mainly. Now, some of us men act like we can’t discern the interested eye of a woman.

For men, this is completely different than choosing not to fall into the subtleties of an interested woman. This here is about catching up and getting with the program, so to say. Alright, I get a message from a girl who wants to know is this guy is just being nice or if he’s interested in her?”

Okay, so the rude and unfeeling response is or would be to ‘just fucking ask him’

The more patient and compassionate answer is a little more in depth.

So let us scratch off the rude and unfeeling response and look at some of the cues this guy is emitting that should assist this woman in uncovering the greatest mystery of her life, thus far. Provided he’s straight and only likes women.

She should first consider the fact that the two of them have been texting for months. She should also consider the fact that he texts her every day at the top of the day and at the bottom of the day.

She should also consider the fact that she can call him, and he will listen to whatever the hell she’s telling him. She might talk his ears off, but he’s made time for whatever’s on her mind.

It’s really not that hard to see he’s interested in her, right?  They’ve solidified a strong dialog. Hell yeah he’s interested in her. How can she not be confident and aware of that?

The problem is that women like this – there are millions of these poor souls- don’t ask ask these guys any questions, like what kind of girl are you into or maybe, What type of girl attracts you. These women aren’t confused, they’re just scared of making an assumption. But again, there’s nothing to assume here. He’s showing her all the signs of interest. Again, provided he’s straight.

Women, you millenials, the best way to find out, is to go find out. Ask him to lunch or dinner…go get ice cream. Keep it simple.

Now on the flipside, although it sounds like he’s interested, have you considered the fact that he maybe he isn’t sure if you are? Ladies, you guys aren’t always as obvious about how you feel as you think you are.

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