Episode 10 – Sweat It Out

Alright so, man, I woke up this morning feeling like I was coming down with something. My throat wasn’t right. It felt sore and scratchy. You know what I mean. The morning thing where your head feels cloudy. I realized that I’d left the bedroom window open, and I was sucking in all that cold midnight air. Well, after I got out the shower, it became a normal morning. I didn’t feel like I was getting sick.

But I want to talk about when I do get sick, which only seems to happen twice a year. Been that way my whole life. It’ll happen in June- I’ll get sick for a few days, and in November, like a week before Thanksgiving. Never fails.

Now, I notice that many people will just lay down when they get sick. I mean they don’t do anything about it, other than take Tylenol cold medicine or Nyquil/Dayquil combination. And that’s it. Eat some soup, just marinate in that situation and let that bug run its course. I think that’s just ridiculous.

I’ve always rested for a day once the flu bug has set up shop and gave me all the business. I’ll actually rest for one whole day. I won’t do anything. I mean, I’ll make myself eat something and drink a bunch of water. But on the second day, I’m up taking sheets off beds, spraying disinfectant, scrubbing everything, doing whatever laundry there is to do. Wiping stuff down; you know remotes, light switches, fridge handles, faucets, door handles, microwave buttons, phone chargers cabinets, the backs of chairs, house phones, cellphones, drawstrings to the blinds, countertops, toilet handles…you get my point. Everything that gets use, video game controllers, anything.

But I also take a vitamin or two. The main one is Zinc, yeah I like Vitamin C, too. But I’ll take a Zinc tablet once a day for a couple days. But I’ve also taken Cod Liver Oil gelcaps for years. Even if I get whatever the kids bring home from school, it’s really just feels like a 24hr bug or a passing allergy. However they’ll go through the motions. I mean whatever they came into contact at school hangs onto their asses for like a week. And check this out, I’ll be around them, might accidentally drink from one of their used cups, not realizing that “oh shit, one of you just drank from this cup.” These kids will breathe on me and everything, but I don’t get much more than a quick stuffy nose…and I’m wondering if it’s just a bit of pollen in the air. Its interesting stuff because I’m so hands on with them, that they can’t figure out how I don’t get sick, too.

With that said, I’m not big on over the counter medicines. I’m not knocking them, I just prefer alternatives. Even with a rare headache I’ll just ride it out and drink alot of water.

That’s just me though. I don’t want you guys to email me asking what the benefits of some other vitamin or spice is, because I’m no holistic treatment provider or otherwise, I’m only speaking about me.

SO I would tell you guys, if you have it in yourselves, when you’ve fallen under the weather next time, to rest for a while, then get on your feet, take a shower and clean house, and don’t forget your zinc and cod liver oil.

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