Episode 14 – Colleagues

So this girl and her married colleague have gone out for drinks/dinner several times. She wants to know if he, the married colleague is interested in her, even though she their conversations are mostly business. Well first of all, what exactly is MOSTLY? How do you define MOSTLY? And how many dinners do you gotta have to discuss business?

Now my answer is assuming she’s inquiring for an obvious reason, right? Is she game?What do you guys think? I’m gonna go with a YES on this. But before I break all that down I want to say this. Why would she care if he, the married colleague, is interested in her? Does she want to fool around with a married man, whom she also works with? How often does that kind of relationship end well? Where does she think this adventure is going to go?

This is an office romance that’s probably exciting for them both.  She’s going along for the appetizers and a few drinks from time to time, and knowing he’s married tells me she’s just enjoying the adventure.  But then and in theory, she might want what she can’t have. Again, I say in theory.

They can fool around with each other and share a secret no one else knows, and spend lots of time at happy hour inside of weird and cozy places. He can enjoy the spark of another woman and still be home where his wife is waiting for him, and likely not suspecting anything…yet. Until he develops a pattern of ‘working late’.

Im not going to say she’s a homewrecker, he’s the homewrecker, and doing a fine job in secret.. Maybe she should have a moral responsibility. Maybe not. What about his moral responsibility? Where’s the fault line? Under her feet or under his?

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