Episode 8 – Music

Okay, so we all listen to music everyday, right? It’s in everything, its everywhere. You can’t escape it. But then again, why would you want to escape music. It’s there for you. It’s for me. It belongs to the listeners. It’s something we need. There’s pieces of life in every song. In fact, there’s a most beautiful song written by someone you have never heard of. That’s a fact. No one has heard every song ever written in the world. So that’s a fact, too.

Think about this for a second. When you hear a new song being played, what do you do? You either ask who sings that? Whats the name of that song, and if you have the shazaam app, you’ll open it up to sample that song. A better example would be you’re driving home from work and the next song playing on the radio instantly becomes your new favorite jam. Case in point Bruno Mars 24K Magic. You’ve got to be crazy to not love this song. I think I saw on youtube, this song has been played 123/124M times. That’s crazy, It doesn’t have the most prolific lyrics, but the song, the video are a package. It moves you. It’s a party song. You understand. So you turn it up and beat the hell out of that song for the next week. But here’s the more fascinating thing about music. We all have unique experiences towards the same song, its because we equate it to how we’re feeling.

Season 1: Episode 8


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