Episode 6 – Walk Away

So I heard this story about a woman who wanted her man to fight other men for her. She believed that if her man didn’t fight for her, literally fisticuffs, then he didn’t love her.

You know, that is the most foolish thing I think I have ever heard. If some guy in the bar is making passes at my woman, I will ignore it and see how she handles herself. Most of the time when guys do this, it’s when they’re liquored up and don’t really know any boundaries. So part of the situation is assessing the threat level, no matter how big or small that drunk dude is.

Not every altercation is won physically, sometimes the altercation is won with brains, and understanding that a few words could change some lives or they can de-escalate the situation.

In any case, here’s an example. You and your girl are out and about, and again, some cocky dude walks up interfering with your date. Your girl might feel disrespected and look to you to straighten this guy.

She’s probably looking for a boost to her ego or some shit. So you and this guy get into it.

First of all, you don’t know what this guy knows, and vice versa. So if we run with these variables, somebody might take a loss and end up in the hospital, and now one of you has a legal battle. You’re both hurt and damaged, but whats the condition of the girl? Oh, well shit, she’s fine. She don’t have any bruises, broken bones, bloody face, she’s not facing legal problems either. Not even an overnight stay downtown. It just cant look good. And why? Because your girl wanted you to fight for her honor. If you got your ass handed to you, would she respect you more or less than if you had just taken the high road and took the evening somewhere else?…..

Season 1: Episode 6

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