Episode 1 – Intro

This is the very first episode. I’m not sure how long this one will be, but there will be more. Don’t cry little birdies

I feel good, when I feel good I sing. I was just listening to Jason Mraz, and that is a helluva song.

You know, this podcasting thing, its crossed my mind a few times over the last few years, and I’ve always wanted to create one. I guess I just didn’t know what the hell I’d talk about, and if you should know one thing about me, it’s that I’ve always made things more difficult than they should have to be. I’ll take something simple & make it complicated. I’m just too doggone analytical

I know that at the heart of it all, podcasting is just a conversation.

Well no shit Denory, I know that’s what you’re all thinking right now. Seriously though, I really thought podcasting was just for marketing experts, financial analysts, people giving out legal advice, and citrus experts telling you how to care for your grapefruit trees. Shit like that.

But I stand corrected.

Truth is, you can talk about many things, anything, in your podcast. Inject a ton of personality into it. Talk about your day, your experiences, whatever… It’s simple, yes I know

I’d done my research and watched videos, read articles, repeatedly, and what I found out is, it’s all the same advice. “PODCAST that thing you love to do”, but now, the things we love aren’t always the things we do, right?

For instance, you might have a membership to the gym that runs you $40-$50/month, but you may not go twice a day, or every other day, or even twice a week because of the other things you like and love, or just life’s other priorities pulling rank

The problem for me is I’m a jack of all trades-so to say-but a master of none.

But above all that, I just didn’t want to create a boring podcast and only talk about one thing.

However, I’m not saying that specializing in one subject makes a podcast boring at all. I’m only talking about my “jack of all trades” label.

So this past week, I’ve been working on other things. I think the fact I’d taken my mind off of what to podcast about, and not chasing content for each episode, it’s really made the process even easier.

So with that bit of info shared & before we begin I want to tell you guys that the intro music at the start of this and all episodes will always be my own.

And now, enough of that racket. Let’s get busy with nothing.

So right now, it’s around 11pm. I’m not exactly in night owl territory. But that’s when I reach creativity. I think it’s when the kids go to bed

Season 1: Episode 1

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