When an idea presents itself-in matters of ambition and success-do not, for a second, send it off as just a random thought of the mind. Look into everything about that idea. Leaving not a curiosity unchecked. Maximize you potentials. Maximize the you-as the individual-and the you as the brand, and whatever way you lean, lean with certainty, and knowing that you have given the time necessary to determine the worth and value potential in every ambitious idea and/or random thought.



A man on his back, can’t do a damn thing but get some sleep. He hasn’t dreamed enough, hasn’t walked dirt, asphault, or concrete. Nor has he seen the smiles of success. Or maybe he has, but nothing about his demeanor or posture says he possesses that killer instinct or the fire for change in anything about himself or the greater world. He’s content with imagining what the day is like, instead of rising to his feet, going outside to experience what the day is. If he had a slice of purpose, he’d understand that a day is made, NOT served by anyone but the self. So in all things, “MAKE IT A GREAT DAY”, never speak of HAVING A GOOD DAY.



A shift in focus, and an effort in awareness, puts you, the individual and you the brand, in better position to make GREAT choices. This moment is not equal to the next moment. So be aware of changes in environment and mood. Be idle in all decisions.



Discover time management as a tool for you, the individual, and you the brand. Time management isn’t an obstacle to your daily grind. Instead it is a discipline in and of itself. One could work at a single thing all day, yet at the end of the day, he or she would reflect on the beginning of said day, and feel as though nothing was achieved. Why is this? This is because, in all of the many things one can do in a day, that person chooses to do just one, and they lay down at night wondering how the day got away from them so fast. So try to appreciate time management. It’s your best friend if applied.



Fuck everyone who was absent through your trials and failures. No, not really. BUT be always reminded that the support doesn’t show up until you begin seeing returns on all your time and effort. Always be kind and smile. No one owes you a goddamn thing, and you owe none either. Maintain a zero balance with those moderate cheerleaders. That is what they are.



Don’t wait until everything is perfect to launch something. Do not expect the stars to line up just right. This is a matter of hustle. Hustle so much that you don’t need those stars to act right, and stop on the pay line. The old phrase, “Things get greater, later”, does not mean sit on your ass and one day the wind will find you. Things will only be greater if you take some sort of action. A lot of ambition is ‘self-prophesizing, and you’d better learn this rather quickly. So stop fucking around and snap out of that wishful thinking.



Don’t wait for the telegraph. It will reach you when you reach it. In this time think about nothing but stamping the day with everything that is you. Don’t receive anything, but instead be in search of it. Let nothing happen. Make everything happen through determination, and whatever it is that fires you up. Channel all energy in the same direction. Keep your shoes on and you’ll never have to reach for them. NOW GO!



Someone somewhere will piss you off, study not the reason, or the person. Study how the effect might work for you. You’ve got to stay vertical for your cause. Especially when you feel the need to stop. You only have you. Your success will prove that who you need is already in you.



As much as you can, try to remain centered in all things. Anger and frustration are natural expressions. You have to assess, step back, then jump.

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